Pilates Training


Signature Private or group Pilates sessions on the mat, and on the complete range of Pilates equipment. Only accurate movement patterns produce a strong, beautiful and injury free body. I teach both Private and Group Pilates classes using Mat and all Essential Pilates Equipment. You will receive a memorable experience in the true method of Pilates. Trained in the classical and contemporary methods, you can be sure your session will be exceptional. My signature Pilates Classes are taught with Intention and focus. I have a Purpose for the class, such as balance, control or a muscle group. I like to give students a sense of connection to the Pilates legacy, so I include some history of Pilates or some fun anecdotes about Joseph. To my biggest surprised, I hear many students saying that their favorite part of the class is when I break down an exercise into its minor parts and we work on those. It can be challenging, but very rewarding. Finding and connecting to muscles that you weren’t aware of – is literally building a new and better relationship with yourself! I am committed to constantly learning and seeking out other highly regarded teachers to practice with on a weekly basis, so my classes are constantly CHANGING and PROGRESSING!



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