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Antidote for Sitting- Stiffness

If sitting stiffness, is a thing, then most of us have it, especially after being quarantined due to COVID-19.

The symptoms are hip tightness, low back pain neck strain, and increased round shoulders.

The Pilates system is designed to systematically lengthen your spine, your legs long from pelvis, your arms long from the shoulder blades and your neck long from crown to ceiling.

There are a couple of exercises that create a perfect flow, and build on one another to improve the strength and flexibility of these areas. These exercises are: Single leg stretch, Double leg stretch, Scissors, to Sidelying series, including Clam Shells and Clamshells with pulses.

By this time, your Hips and Hamstrings should be nicely stretched. You can finish this little miniseries with with Prone leg lifts and/or Bridges.

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