Find your Running Style

We each have a different running style, a preferred terrain or ideal distance, that makes us feel the happiest and most empowered. While running has gone through many different fads – interval training, HIIT, barefoot, longdistance, short distance, hills etc. the bottom line is… what makes you the happiest? Whenever I travel, and don’t know what I can do for fitness while away, I always bring running shoes. Only once, was I told I couldn’t run – it was in the midst of a Safari Camp in South Africa. Other than that, there is no stopping and there is no cost to it either.

Here are a few of different running styles, #Encinitas offers them all. Read through and see what fits for you!

1. Treadmill

This is the foundation for running. You can do it in a ‘controlled’ environment. See your heart rate with Fitbit or another heart rate monitor, and adjust your intensity accordingly. If you get tired, you just hop off, no painful walking/stumbling back home, and you can also stretch before and after all in the same place. Also good for you who have outdoor allergies or when it is too cold or hot. A favorite place of mine is #Orange Theory, where you can see on a large monitor what your heart rate is, and if you are working in your optimal intensity zone.

2. Group Training

Find a group to run with. Local running shoe stores organize weekly runs, as well as many other organizations. Find a group online with the same timeschedule and level as you. It is great motivation to run with others, one of my favorites is Sunday morning run around the #Mission Bay, in #San Diego, with long time running coach Ozzie Gontag. He will film and analyze your running form, and coach you. All for free! And who knows, you might just make a new friend or two.

3. Distance running

This is also a basic training form, and so popular because of all the different races that we have here in Southern California. There is one just about every weekend, on the #Pacific Coast highway, on the beach, through the #zoo, through vineyards, #Downtown San Diego, #Oceanside military base. We raise money running for dogs, children, health, to hear bands, and really just for the fun and beauty of it. Start with a 5k run, and have fun trainng for it, then go for 10K if you like, but the main thing is to have fun.

4,Terrain running

Southern California offers so many kinds of terrains. We have horsetrails with soft terrain, Sand, pavement and rocky hills. Whatever you like for variation, get a map, some water and have fun. You can always vary running and walking, enjoy the beautiful vistas and being out in nature. Listen to your body and enjoy, alone or with others.

5. Fartlek Running,

Varying your running speed can be done anywhere really… on the treadmill, or on a known running path. Listen to your body, or if you are a tekkie, look at your heart rate and speed up/slow down accordingly.

6. Interval training

The fastest way to get “in shape” if that if your goal. You can determine your own intervals, but most common strategy is 5 intervals of 30 seconds with 15 second rest. Its quick, intense and can be a great plateau buster.

7. Hill running

This style of running combines several of the running styles. Great once you have a basic level of running fitness. You can use it for terrain, fartlek or interval training. You can walk downhill so you don’t get too sore the next day. Great for increasing your oxygen exchange rate in your lungs and also great for new views and vistas.

8.Stairs running

Many beaches offer magnificent stairs to run up and down with beautiful views. The most famous and difficult ones are at Santa Monica Beach, also the most beautiful! My favorites are at #Swamis beach, but #Beacons and #Stonesteps are fabulous too. Start by WALKING up the stairs or do just one set….or your calves will be screaming for days and you won’t be doing much running at all. Great way to also strengthen your glutes and knees.