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Focus on one goal at a time

There are many reasons for working out: to improve your sport performance, lose weight, (bodyfat), tone muscles, build muscles, get stronger, overcome or prevent injuries etc.

Often there are several goals we try to achieve, for example fat loss AND better muscle tone. What happens when we try to work on several goals at a time? Sooner or later they come in conflict with each other, And neither goal gets fulfilled.

Sadly, I see this all the time in the gym watching people train day in and day out, looking exactly the same way, day in and day out, or worse… year in and year out….

When you have several goals, the best thing to do is focus on one at a time. Professional athletes use this method, known as Periodization. For example you can focus on weight loss for six weeks to three months, then strength training for the next six weeks to three months. When you start to see results and you start to plateau, it’s time to change focus.

In order to get the results you desire- a razorsharp focus is of utmost importance!


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