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Pilates Quality of movement

Quality of movement – What is it?

The Pilates Method of movement often uses the term “quality of movement”.

I paused one day to ask myself – “Do I really know what this means?”, and “what does it mean to others?” I decided take this question to the Pilates Community and this is what they said:

Quality of movement means to….

Move freely and with ease in all planes of movement without pain.

Be present in the movement, connecting to your center and aligning the energies of each joint moving.

Move so it makes sense in your body

Move like a dancer or like you are in water

Have a fundamental natural coordination of muscles. All animals have this coordination which is why many of Pilates Exercises are named after animals.

Precise, controlled, purposeful, functional movement, leading to good alignment, postural stability and flexibility aiding pain free functional movement.

A rhythmic, expressive ground covering walk, tro and canter with suspension and suppleness….(In Horses of Courses)

Means precision and control – every movemen having a purpose

Moving within a range that can mimic the supple movements of a child.

It differs from person to person, but once achieved will inspire the recipient to believe in their bodies again!

Making your movements intentional! Asking – where is my body going now? And How? Using your mind and breath to move your body, so it feels more alive and connected. How can I expand my body from Spine out?

Making your movements with precision, control and flow. Hard to do in the beginning….

And lastly…………Precision is control effortlessly executed!

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