Glowing skin is IN, and this season, we are told by the fashion industry that your biggest accessory right now is – HEALTHY, GLOWING, almost translucent SKIN. And while years ago the science of skin did not make this a possibility at any age, many things have changed in recent decades.

How to PREPARE you skin – for sun, ski or just a change in weather should start with what I call “BEAUTY FOODS”. Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, tomatoes, paprika, cucumbers, spinach and blueberries.

In addition, foods rich in Zinc, a mineral essential for your immune system and repair of skin tissue. While meat and shellfish are rich in Zinc, there are downsides to these foods and many people prefer to stay away from them. Instead, opt for eggs, chickpeas and seeds, such as hemp and pumpkin. Nuts, such as cashews are also good sources of zinc, and lastly, my favorite source of zinc – dark chocolate. Become a skin PREPPER and add these nutrients to your DAILY diet.

PROTECT! When you are skiing, or just outside in the sun (how about a winter vacation to the canary islands?) you need to protect your skin! Gone are the cremes that cause breakouts and melt into your eyes. Nowadays protection products come in wonderful dry formats that give you a beautiful glow as well. My favorite is dr. Dennis Gross Dark spot Sun Defense spf50. A cocktail of wonderful ingredients that nourish the skin and protect against UVA and UVB.

Another one of my favorites is JUST SKIN FOOD – UNSCENTED ORGANIC SUNSCREEN spf30. made with non-nano zinc oxide and other organic oils. No water, no fillers. Awesome and effective! Also a tinted sunscreen is Nature’s brands day cream organic sunscreen, organic oils and sage and bergamot. $15. KARI GRAN makes use of Avo oil and other oils. Nice! SPF 26 ($48). JOSH ROSEBROOK sunscreen also reduces redness, acne and repairs skin. SPF 30 ($50)and KYPRIS – Pot of Shade Organic sunscreen SPF30 ($68).

PRESERVE – Skin preservation is like the cherry on top of the frosting on top of the cake! The popularity of sheet masks have a reason, they work and feel amazing! Other preservation tips are using serums after cleansing and finish with a natural oil. In order to calm the skin after a day on the slopes or beach or walking in the woods, look for ingredients like Chamomile, a potent skin calming substance. Some of my favorites are OSEA – Sea vitamin boost, with organic algae, that reduces damage from sun and wind. ($38). SOLEIL TOUJOURS ($26), organic antioxidant calming mist. For DIY’s you can use Aloe Great Tea Leaf extract, Yogurt, Cucumber, Almond oil, Grape and Sunflower seed oils and Calendula flower extracts. For some reason, mists, cooled in the refrigerator feel so good and if it feels good, the benefits increase exponentially.