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The Secret of Midlife Parenting and Fitness

While many parents find excuses for not exercising and staying fit while raising kids, there are those who do. What is their secret? Some fit parents, share their insights.

Jeff, a 48 year old dad of a 14 and 16 year old, deals with time pressure by making fitness a PRIORITY. Getting up early, and sharing responsibilities with his wife. What drives him, is his children ASKING him to do things with them – playing basketball, running and biking. They like to play beach games together – throwing footballs, Frisbees and surfing. He knows it is a small window of years, when his kids want to spend time with him, so he takes advantage of it, and stays fit so he CAN! He loves the fact that he can “compete” with them, and keep up with them!

His recommendation to other parents is to simply make it a priority – everyone is busy… There is ZERO downside to staying fit. You have to keep up or stay behind – a lonely place to be.

His final words: “ I don’t want my body to get to a point that I cannot do something that I want to do. Exercising gives me these options”


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