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Training in 2020

1. Training apps. There is no shortage of training apps to download from the internet, and I must say, these apps have completely revolutionized training. People that would otherwise never have worked out while at home or travelling are now happily exercising with their apps. When getting stuck in a rut, find a new app. and instantly update your workout. Not only can you get great workouts, but there are apps. that can analyze your technic, making sure your are moving correctly. 2. Outdoor training. More and more people are moving their training outdoors, as sunshine and open air is healthier than indoors. Weather walking/running/biking, alone or with a small group, we are realizing that fresh air has many health benefits. Fitness equipment is also becoming more portable, like TRX suspension training. Sling it over a tree branch and you have an instant gym. Mats, weighted balls, BOSU are great tools and easy to transport. 3. Small Group personal training Being alone under the constant watch of a personal trainer can be intimidating and expensive. People are choosing to train in small groups of 2 or 3. There are many benefits to this, and more fun as well! 4. Health coaching Coaching is on the rise of all kinds, and especially in the area of health and fitness. People want more than just a fitness coach, they also want help with diet and healthy lifestyle. 5. Yoga People of all ages, shapes and sizes are discovering yoga. Yoga studios, outdoor and online yoga classes are on the rise. The benefit of a more flexible body and relaxation is appealing to most everybody, as it also improves your immune system. More gyms are offering yoga, and people are doing yoga in parks, beaches, anywhere they can throw down a mat. 6. Training with technology There will most likely be more fitness activity measuring devices to wear in the future. Weather they improve your fitness level or not, they bring much more awareness of your lifestyle to the forefront. 7. Fusion Fitness Many places are now offering a fusion of activities for a total body workout. Orange Theory is offering both cardio workout and strength training. Les Mills is offering “THE TRIP”, a Cycling/sculpting/entertainment combo. 8. HIIT training HIIT has been popular for a while now, and shows no sign of slowing, especially since it is being more and more adapted to a wider population. After all, high intensity is very subjective, so everyone can do it. Very effective especially if you are short of time. 9. Training for Seniors As the population gets older, many are working longer and want to stay healthy and fit. Active-age for seniors, Silver sneakers, silver and fit, are just some programs that are seeing an increase in participation. 10. Body weight training The trend of using only your body weight for training, brings several other trends together The outdoor workout trend, the HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Senior fitness, and more. Body weight training can be done anywhere and a few short exercises gives you body a great fitness boost, any time of the day. Weather trademarked programs such as Animalflow, Lotte Berk, Bootilates or bootcamps, these are making the fitness industry to a new creative and exciting level!

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