If your current diet and exercise plans have not produced the desired results, the reason may lie in your genes. The most personal diet and exercise recommendations are based on your genetics! Start the journey towards a healthier life and the form of dreams with the FiguraGen Weight + Sport genetic test!

  • find out your weight gain and obesity risks
  • find a genetically suitable diet (balanced diet, high protein diet, low fat diet, reduced carbohydrate diet, Mediterranean diet)
  • find the right proportion of macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) for your body in the menu
  • evaluate the effects of exercise and calorie restriction on body weight
  • to find out the peculiarities of appetite and food preference (for example, are genes related to high sweetness?)
  • genetic test report includes, in addition to dietary recommendations, a 3-day sample menu with a suitable caloric intake based on analytical data 


Determining a genetically appropriate diet benefits both those who are struggling with weight and those who do not have weight problems but have an interest in their health and genetic characteristics. Knowing your specifics and risks will help you make smarter and healthier choices.

Genetic Weight-loss test

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