While many former athletes and dancers become trainers or Pilates Instructors, Ingrid’s background as a classical Pianist has given her a unique training methodology.


I approach physical training like learning how to play an instrument. First, a solid foundation of knowledge about the instrument, which in this case is your body. Second, and a gradual and logical progression of exercises.” A prolific reader, I keep up on the latest research in Fitness and of the Mind and Body connection techniques. I believe a program should value discipline and consistency. Ingrid moved to United States from Sweden during high school and went on to study music at the Universty of Michigan with a full piano scholarship. After graduation, she traveled as a pianist, throughout US and moved to Seattle , WA. This is where her love for exercise and fitness developed. She returned to school and earned her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, while also becoming an avid student of many different exercise techniques.


With her enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work, she tripled the size of the YMCA personal training department. Taught both Privately in homes and at the EXCLUSIVE PETER NIELSEN “Eye of the Tiger” Studio – voted one of the TOP TEN Personal Training Studios in the USA. When she was introduced to the CHEK institute of Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology and Golf Conditioning in Encinitas, she fell in love with Enci and moved. She has produced her own weekly Golf Conditioning show on TV and was the first to produce 2 of the best worldwide selling GOLF PILATES DVDS. Ingrid speaks 4 different languages- Swedish, Estonian, French and German. Her unique ability to combine the “Best of the Best” in Pilates and Golf Conditioning techniques has made her and internationally recognized expert in the field.


One of the best things about Encinitas is that you can exercise outside in the fresh air and sunshine all year round, instead of being closed indoors in a Gym. Ingrid loves to train outside for Golf and Ski Conditioning. The sand is an unstable surface and challenges the stability for both Golf and Ski. She incorporates both Athletic Exercises, Pilates, Yoga and most recently Animal Flow movements into an invigorating, fatlosing, muscle toning, corechallenging workout.



— Aristotle