Why train with me?

Why train with ME?

Now that’s a good question… and, on the flip side…why would I train YOU? And Are you even trainable?

For starters, what The word TRAINING means to me, is a noticeable, UNDENIABLE improvement in the area you say you are training. Secondly, there should be a distinct difference between training with a trainer (me) and by yourself. You should be going beyond where you can go on your own- be it in the area of motivation, knowledge, or just time and effort to put a program together for yourself.

You should be getting visible results, learn more about your own body, and of course work out more creatively and efficiently than when you are alone.

My training is based on SCIENTIFIC exercise techniques, as it relates to selection of exercises, their order, weights, reps, volume and tempo.

I believe there should be an intelligent and STRATEGIC approach to workouts, a built-in progression. The workouts should get more challenging as you get stronger, varying low rep, medium rep and high rep training.

Therefore, I think RECORD keeping is crucial for tracking results.

I EDUCATE while I train in order to build more awareness of why you are doing what you are doing. A blind, mindless workout is not good for the body nor for the mind!

I PERSONALIZE, no, I INDIVIDUALIZE your program. Your workout is YOURS ALONE! There are no two people alike in the world, so why should workouts be? For example, I base the number your repetitions on wether your movement is still improving or weakening. I WATCH!

I demand ATTENTION – Yes, I know it may be a lost art, but there are still a few of us out there, that believe in paying attention to our clients, AND requiring our clients to pay attention to themselves and us.

I DO the work myself, so I know how it feels on the body. I TAKE Pilates classes every week, lift weights and run. Occasionally I take a spin class, yoga and kettlebell classes. I also try new things TRX, barre, Fitwall, etc. and I perform core exercises and keep my intrinsic muscles strong.

The things I don’t know, or am not so good at, I refer out. I find the people who ARE GOOD at those things. Thus, I have built an exceptional referral network that I am proud of. I am confident in these folks that they will get the complementary results that my training alone cannot do.( I would like to emphasize here, that I don’t refer people to my sister, aunt, other relative or friend, or to anyone who asks for a referral.) My referrals are people who I have checked out myself, who’s work I know, have seen results for myself and for others: They include – Nutrition, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, more Advanced corrective exercise . My inspiration and new ideas come from peer reviewed journals, and not hyped upcommercial fitness magazines that regurgitate the same information, only with newer, trendier outfits, year after year.

I remain true to classic exercises, time tested and proven techniques, that yield results year after year, for the fittest and healthiest BODIES in the world!

So, as long as you are improving, there is a proper trainer training relationship. When improvement ceases, well, I think you know the answer….

In your humble service,