Too much or too little movement- either is detrimental to our physical, mental and spiritual being! Everything in the Universe is constantly MOVING…. and everything has an optimal rate of MOVEMENT. When you are not moving enough, or if you are moving too fast, your body has pain, disease and stress! The answer is an OPTIMAL exercise movement program.

Just as the body needs to feed on good quality food, the mind must also be fed good thoughts. Our physical movement starts in our brain, with our thoughts, and then proceeds outward from our CORE to our limbs.

My NEW Fitness program is THE ONLY  fitness program of its kind, that starts with SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE movements that date back to the beginnings of MAN.  Just as the early man had to be strong to cope with his daily life, so I have developed similar movements, that allow us to cope with OUR DAILY lives. I believe that the foundation of movement that improves, not harms, is based on EFFECTIVE BREATHING, BALANCE and COORDINATION, which in turn builds a stronger and more flexible body. I believe in whole body movements, and not isolated ones, (unless there is a specific need for that). To me, that is more like we were meant to move.

And THAT is also my definition of FUNCTIONAL FITNESS! To be FUNCTIONALLY FIT means that  you to have ample energy for daily WORK and injury free PLAY! It means  to MOVE your whole body with awareness and CONFIDENCE!